Putting Lipstick on the Bull

There’s a lot of talk lately about the wage gap in the United States and elsewhere.  In a relationship driven field like stocks, you might not expect to see such a thing, but from the beginning, there has been a gap, and some stellar women have endeavored to close it.  Way back in 1967, Muriel “Mickie” Siebert struck out on her own after learning that among other things, she was being paid less than her male counterparts.  She was doing the same work, grinding day after day, making phone calls and building relationships that paid off big time for the firm she was working for.  However, paying her the same as a man was deemed out of the question.  In fact, by comparison, the 60% of what a man was paid at the same firm was almost punishment for doing her job so well.

In the decades since, there has been lots of changes to the gender equation in the stock market business.  Women still feel they must perform as well or better than men to get ahead, even when their smarts have made millions for the firm.  Women have to be more discerning when they spend their money as a result of earning pennies on the dollars paid for their work, but they can take advantage of the booming ecommerce phenomena to help them stay ahead.  In a business where time truly is money – or the lack of – women must be smart about how they allocate their time.  Using a mega site like Groupon to shop for their everyday needs is a boon to the working woman today.  Not only does she save time on things like shopping, but she can save money on the things she buys to stay sharp in the office from stores like Nine West.  

Nine West stocks the latest in fashionable footwear for today’s busy working women.  The ability to shop using a smart phone or other mobile device saves time that could be spent in the office or at functions related to work, without sacrificing time from family and friends.  Nothing is more frustrating than trying to beat the clock and get back to your office for an important meeting because some inconvenience at a mall or department store has caused a delay.  Online shopping and free shipping frees you from all that.  When Mickey Siebert made her first trade after buying her seat on the stock market, she made history.  She was the first women in 175 years to make a trade.  Today when you look at the great bull on Wall Street, think about the men, and women who’ve kept it there.