Use Your Stock Earnings to Start Investing In Property with the Help of A SMSF

The stock market is great fun because you can earn so much more from your initial investment if you have a good eye and ear for economic trends.  And as you probably know, the higher the risks the better your winnings or earnings are when you are playing the penny or stock market.  To be truly good at stock you need to know when to quit and the best way to quit is to take your stock market earnings and to use it in a low risk investment such as property investments.

Why property investments specifically?

Property is one of the most secure investments that you can make because property is and will always be high in demand.  If you choose your property locations wisely then there are minimal risks involved in property and you can one day be looking at a good and steady income for little or no work at all.

Use Your Stock Earnings to Start Investing In Property with the Help of A SMSF

Get a SMSF

A self managed super fund (SMSF) is a trust that you should set up through which you can secure and operate your property investments.  There are five main benefits to getting a SMSF.

  • You can include up to four trustees in the SMSF who can pool together their assets so they can obtain a bigger loan through the SMSF.
  • All trustees share the responsibility of the SMSF and all members benefit from it in the end.
  • In the last six years, SMSF have proven to have a much greater return rate than other loans or mortgages.
  • Mortgages through a SMSF are much more affordable to the trustees.
  • All of the accounting, auditing and tax returns can be managed by the SMSF creator so you can be hands free to enjoy life.

Next you need to get a loan

Once your SMSF is set up and your trustees have been chosen, you and the members have to decide on a property and have to get a loan for your SMSF through a mortgage broker so you can buy your first property.

It is important to plan wisely

You have to make sure that your long term plan is accurate and secure so you and the trustees don’t end up with a greater mortgage than you can afford.  You can also consider other types of investments or simply stick to property.

Expand investments

You should expand your property investments the moment you are able to because only through expansions will all the trustees be able to benefit from the SMSF.

Start earning cash

Most SMSF’s are created with the sole purpose to start earning when you and your fellow trustees retire.  You can however start earning from the age of 55 by becoming a partial employee at your own SMSF.  Once you have retired, you will get an agreed withdrawal amount that is fair compared to your initial investment.

Property investments through an SMSF is the best way for you to retire from the risky stock market and to create a secure financial future for yourself so you can live comfortably and completely stress free.

Get Your Tax Returns Done Without Lifting a Finger

Playing the stock market or the penny market can be extremely rewarding if you know what you are doing but it can also be quite time consuming because you have to constantly monitor your earnings, losses and you have to keep trend with economic changes.  The moment you lose sight of your investments, you stand a good chance of losing some cash.  A lot of people have their hands full with playing the stock market simply because they do it as a hobby during their off time at work. If work and the stock market are already taking up a lot of your time then it can be hard to find the time to get your tax returns done before the due date.  Luckily someone can do your tax for you so you never have to worry about your taxes.

Get the best tax return company

If you want reliable service then you need to find a reliable tax return company to do your taxes for you. Tax Return 24/7 is a unique company that specializes in tax returns.  They can get your tax returns done over the phone in ten minutes so you never have to miss an investment opportunity so you can make money on the stock market.

Get Your Tax Returns Done Without Lifting a Finger

How does the tax return company work?

One of the biggest benefits of using a fantastic company like Tax Return 24/7 is the fact that you don’t even have to spend a penny on phone calls.  You can simply log onto their site and click on a link after which one of their call agents will contact you.  They are open 24 hours a day so you can get your taxes done at any moment of the day or night.  They are also completely transparent about their services for example;

Calculate your refund online – You don’t have to worry what your tax refund will be because you can calculate it online.

Company tax returns – Tax Return 24/7 also helps companies with their tax returns and offer tailor fit packages that are sure to suit your business needs.

They guarantee a maximum refund – You can get the biggest possible tax refund when you use this experienced company.

You know the company fee – Tax return 24/7 takes $99 from the refund fee once your tax returns have been processed.

Basically all you have to do is explain your needs to the consultant who is going to phone you.  You can also contact them via email if you prefer.  Once they have your query, they can get your tax returns processed over the phone in 10 minutes.

It is always better to get a professional and skilled tax return company to handle your tax returns so you can receive the biggest possible refund and so you can be sure that your returns are done correctly.  You also don’t have to waste any of your precious time on your tax returns and you don’t have to make time for your taxes since you can get it done even in the middle of the night should that be the only time you have.

Why You Shouldn’t Play the Penny Market

Why You Shouldn’t Play the Penny Market

For millions they think the penny market is the best stock investment option today. Many look at this when they first dig their toe into the investment market because they think it’s the best way forward. However, investing in any stocks can be extremely tough and penny stocks are the same. You may think penny stocks are the way for you but they might be the wrong option entirely. The following are a few reasons as to why you shouldn’t play the penny market.

Even the Experts Avoid the Penny Stocks

Investors, seasoned investors, continue to turn away from the penny market which should give you a big indication of stepping away from the idea. Penny stocks can appear fun and relatively less risky but in reality they can be just as risky as other stock investment options. You have a variety of stocks available but penny stocks are quite difficult to handle. It may be best to avoid this market especially if you haven’t gotten a lot of investment experience.

Why You Shouldn’t Play the Penny Market

Your Limited to 3 Day Trades Per Week

If you don’t have thousands and thousands of dollars to trade with, you actually have certain limits. This is not only troubling but extremely tough because if you make your three day trades and want to sell or buy more, your hands are tied. It isn’t ideal for anyone which is why you shouldn’t take up penny stocks. They aren’t perfect at the best of times and if you have a small investment pot to work with, then the limitations can be frustrating. Of course, if you have over twenty five thousand dollars to invest with then you don’t have limitations but still there are many problems to deal with.

Harder To Find a Buyer for Your Stocks

To be honest, when it comes to buying penny stocks, it’s very easy but selling them on is much harder. You have to find a buyer for your stocks and this isn’t easy at all because the market isn’t huge. This means the buyer market is extremely small and it could potentially take you weeks to sell the stocks on but by the time you do, you could end up taking a loss. You don’t want to lose money, even if it’s only a few dollars but every loss adds up. That is why you really shouldn’t play within the penny market. This isn’t an easy market to be a part of and you will soon see how difficult it can become.

The Penny Market Is a Risky Option

Buying penny stocks can be extremely appealing simply because of the low investment risk but in reality the risks are high. Investing in penny stocks aren’t always the best solution for you simply because the risks come in full force. When you are thinking about investing in the penny stock market, you need to know the risks and understand this may not be the right way forward. Investing opens up a lot of doors but penny stocks aren’t always the right solution.

Should Your Business Invest In Stocks?

Should Your Business Invest In Stocks?

Businesses around the world contemplate investing in stocks and it isn’t hard to see why. Stocks could potentially offer some wonderful returns but while you can see a nice profit, you might see little. Unfortunately investing in stocks can be really difficult because this is a vast field. However, should your business invest in stocks today?

Stocks Can Be Profitable – If They Work Out

First and foremost, everyone should be aware of the fact investing in stocks can be both risky and good. If you need to know more you should check out our best article here. Stocks are easy to invest in and there are thousands of different stocks for you to consider. Many people can see positive results from their investments; and they can be extremely profitable also. However, there is a downside – not all stocks will come in. Stocks are highly profitable but only if they work out and there is the chance they won’t. This is something you have to be fully aware of before your business even begins to think about stock investments.

Should Your Business Invest In Stocks?

Always Conduct Proper Research

Doing your home before investing in stocks can pay-off when it comes to stock trading safety; and if you aren’t prepared to research, investing isn’t for you. Remember, anyone can invest but that doesn’t automatically mean it’s the right move for your business. When it comes to the question of whether your business should invest in stocks, it really comes down to what you plan to invest in. Some stocks are more reliable than others and if you’re fully prepared to research potential stocks, the risks can be minimized. Of course, the risks are always there but researching can stop you from making a bad mistake.

Should Your Business Invest?

In a sense yes and in a sense no. Unfortunately it is almost impossible to say for certainty your business should invest simply because every business runs differently. New and small businesses should definitely avoid investing in stocks and even some bigger businesses too. The stock market is a vast marketplace and one which constantly changes. You can also checkout this link: for more information. If you take a risk and lose big, it could be the end of your business. That is why you have to fully understand the risks involved and not just know about the rewards. Anyone can invest but few succeed. You have to really think about what is going to be best for your business and know about safety procedures also.

A Tough Call

To be honest, investing in stocks isn’t for everyone. There are some who dabble in this field and find some successful but it really is all a game of chance and luck. Just because you see a stock with good potential, it doesn’t mean it will pay-off. Anything can happen in the stock market world and while many will find success, many will not. This is a risk and one in which you personally have to decide. Your business may find investing in stocks to be a great adventure but then again, maybe not. At the end of the day it is your personal choice. Think wisely and always take the necessary stock investment precautions.